Grrr, can’t find yarn!

Spend lots of time today going through the queue, while knitting on my friends Color Craving:

Yes, it has weird holes in it.  Those are 5 YO holes and each yarn over gets a knit and a purl on the return row. These holes have no function at all and frankly they cause a draft when you where this shawl. Some people have resorted to braiding a shawl or a knitted strip through them. Other suffer for art.

As I like to have another project on the go, for a little variety, I enjoyed the freedom of thinking what to knit next. After hours of grazing through the queue and the stash I settled on this little vest:

It’s Gabrielle by Fanny Liege

Ideal for two skeins of fingering weight. Such as my gorgeous Moonwise Gems:

Dyed them myself, last Summer. Tried them out a few months ago on a cabled pullover (Moyen Agen by Hanna Maciejewska) but I didn’t like the look of the yarn in stockinette stitch. The colour varies too much to do the cable justice. And I never got the gauge right, it even went up as I went up in needle size. See how it would bulge right above the tight ribbing:

I stopped this project and destined the yarn for the vest. The (dropped) stitch pattern of Gabrielle Vest would be perfect for the colour variety and the tightly twisted yarn would show of the decreases beautifully .

So I made some notes and some calculations, determined the needle size and was all ready to cast on.

Except I cannot find the yarn. Anywhere. GRRRRR!

Two balls. I know exactly what they look like. There still may be a bit of Moyen Age pullover dangling from them. They are not in the Can’t Wait To Knit With This Yarn Box in the living room. They are not in the Nice Yarn Box in the wool room. They are not in the Ok Yarn Box. They are not in the O Dear What To Do With This Yarn Box in the wool room. They are not in the Finish These Sweaters Please Bag in the wool room. They are not in the Can’t Wait To Spin This Fibre Box in the living room. They are not in any of the project bags that hang from my book cabinet. They are not in the Stuff Yarnish Things Here China Cabinet. Not even in the Yarn Projects To Overdye Box. Also not in the Basket Travel Thing On Wheels For Yarn Meetings Trolley, that one had contained my stash chocolate, both Lindt bars and cacao powder. Obviously.

Now I am so GRRRRRR! I ran out of places to look. It is too late in the day to revisit the queue. Besides, I’m all set on this project, I don’t WANT to get geared up for another thing. GRRRR!

Ah, perhaps they somehow ended up in the Clothes, Envelopes, Microwave, Apples, Cat Travel Carriages and Christmas Decorations room?


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