Oak Grove Cardi: stuffed away

I finished the left front panel. It sat much better than the right one so I frogged that back to reknit it.

The left front looks a bit frummeled up here but it will be ok once it’s blocked and the stitches relax. It drapes very nicely at the front.


I tried this on properly. While the one front looks good I am wondering how it will play when the other front is a mirror image of it. I’d have a lot of knitted fabric overlapping…

When I looked at the cardi from the side I noticed the back panel was way too short. It rode up my back pretty high. I have serious doubts this will relax and regain it’s length once blocked. I fear sideways knitting behaves very differently than vertical knitwear.

The shaping for the lower part of my back, the part I like to emphasize, didn’t work at all. It hangs straight down, even gapes at the bottom.

Also, the armholes are reeeeeally big…

I have now spend so many hours on this cardigan and am not confident it will bring a good result. I have lost my motivation. I’ve put it aside and picked up another piece of pleasant knitting: a Color Craving Shawl for a friend of mine.

Did I show  you mine? It was a mystery kal by Stephen West. Mine differs from the official pattern (which would look like a tent on me)

The official design (huge):


my Color Craving (shorter and with more width):

I’ve been wearing mine for two weeks non stop now. It sits nicely over my head too (which I love, I’m always cold on my head and neck). Here’s my project page

My friend wants one just like mine. Here are the yarns I’ll be using:


Such a pleasure to knit something you KNOW is going to work! In nice yarns.

(I will start another cardigan soon. I really want one. I’ve been wearing the dark grey one as often as my Color Craving and it needs a break)



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