Remnant Strip Cardi: surrender to Gauge?

Gauge is messing with me again….

I spend a lovely Sunday knitting on my Remnant Stripe Cardigan. It was very nice to see how the stripes progressed, how the colours changed. It went fast on needles 4,5mm and I spend many hours with knitting and tea. I tried not to worry if and when I’d have enough yarn and how to coordinate the sleeves with the body, colourwise.

Just before I went to bed I measured my gauge. Gauge shouldn’t be a real problem because the collar will be attached as an afterthought and I can make it as wide as I want to. (With the dark blue skein with the white band on the right, spare from Peabody Sweater (which still wants to be finished)):

This morning I measured gauge again. I get 17 stitches to the 10 cm. The pattern asks for 14 st.

But not to worry because afterthought collar.

But do worry because only one skein.

But not to worry because blocking gives more loose gauge!

But do worry because Gauge is such a Liar!


It’s monday morning and I’m seriously thinking of ripping this all out and starting anew, casting on more stitches. I’m almost ready to frog… it will be quick and only a little painful. Just wait a little while longer… perhaps first have a cup of tea…

and bake a little apfelstrufelupsidedownappletarttin

you know. To add a little courage to my system.


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