Devonshire Cream Cowl

Now that I stuffed the Remnant Strips Cardigan away I was free to knit anything I wanted. Yay!
I felt daring so I pulled out of the wooly treasure trove one of my most luxurious yarns: Bowmont Braf Baby Bowmont DK
Baby soft. European breed. And I’ve got 780 meters of it.

In true Dutch fashion I came by this yarn when I traded it for a bicycle. At a knitters party. As you do. I’ve not dared to knit with it for about a year now. Because, you know, knitting destroys stash.
I have dreamed about what to make with it all the time though.

This one was at the top:
Snowdrift cardigan by Michelle Orne.

She looks so comfy and snuggly and hugged by that yarn. I want that! But this cardi takes up to 1000 m in a totally different yarn weight…
I could combine it with something else though. Knit the collar and cuffs in Bowmont, knit the body in something else. In a different colour as not to leave the impression I’m trying to match yarns and didn’t succeed.
But Bowmont cuffs…. won’t they pill very fast? I really like the Bowmont to cover my head. Not so much my wrists.

Well, I could combine the Bowmont with another buttery soft yarn that’s been scaring me for years now: my Creatively Dyed Carnival.

Oooow, what beautiful combination! And so soft! Same yarn weight, Lots of meters!

But the Carnival as troubles of its own…
It is not very nice in plain stockinette. It looks very splotchy. It’s better in elongated stitches, to show off the marvelous dyejob CreativelyDyed did:

This far the yarn has been a cardigan, a shawl and numerous swatches. All ripped and brought back to stash. To preserve its beauty and bring it to a project that really suits it. Has been around my house for years now.
The yarn itself is delicate, with numerous strands of cashmere, it would wear fast if not knitted in small stitches…

Better not add it’s idiosyncrasies to the Bowmont…

By chance -and by the fact I was surfing Raveler projects for hours hiding from the Remnant Stripe Cardigan- I came along a beautiful cowl TeriB made:

I love the stacks of ruffle and how cozy it looks!

The pattern is Devonshire Cream by Laura Aylor. She’s a designer who participates in the Indie Designer Gift-a-long which is a sympathetic action.
I have cast on. With the Bowmont. Be Brave!


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