Weird Wool Wednesday: brain vs pattern

I didn’t need to look at the pattern of the Devonshire Cream Cowl, the picture was clear enough for anyone with a knitters brain. This cowl is sideways, a tube, cables. Cast on!

So I did. With some sleepy cat supervision:

in fact, lots of hours of knitknitknit!

tube? – check!
sideways? – check!
cables? – check!

yet somehow….
do these ruffles-in-progress stack like the original? I had my doubts for about 8 hours of the 12 knitted but I know you can seldom tell with cables. So…


But somehow:

hmm. Serious, serious doubts. These might not be the ruffles I’m looking for…
I can’t tell what it is. They just don’t stack up as luxerious as the ones in the photo. Is this cowl high enough for me? But the numbers add up. Gauge is good. Yarn is divine.

So I spend an hour holding the knitting up on all sides of my neck. Stretched my neck, dove into my torso, did all kind of E.T.impressions. I held it in front of the mirror. Asked my husband for some yay/nay grunts. Read other people’s project notes. Looked at more pictures. Recounted the stitches on them. Recounted the stitches on mine.
Yes, I spend an entire evening trying to solve these doubts. And still:


Then. The next morning.

I read the pattern.


cast on, knitknitknit

In fact, many, many hours of new knitknitknit


Ahhh, luxurious stacking ruffles!
I’ll tell you who needs to read a pattern. People with brains, that’s who. Especially the ones with sleepy cats for companions.


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