Stranding exercise: Bird Mitts

To get into the habit of stranding again I am about to cast on for Bird Mitts.
This is a free chart by the lovely Dutch woman Hanneke Sieben.

I have tried this pattern before but unfortunately I used a non-sympathetic white yarn. An acrylic blend with coarse hairs. I threw it away. Very wise of me, I was learning to do the right thing back then.
I did get a few pointers as to gauge. Link to project page here.

The pattern is over 60 stitches. As I am a loose knitter this came out too wide for me, even on 2 mm needles.
So today I will start with a smaller cast on -I have such thin wrists!- and then work up the numbers via the thumb gusset or in the transition to the hand. I might have to do some recalculation and perhaps amend the pattern some. But for now I just want to cast on. As I cannot find my 2,5mm needles (?? where they go?) so will use 2,25mm. This might be unwise…
The yarns are both light fingering, white and fuchsia:
Here’s the projectpage on

(see that kitty cat? I am sitting at the desk that normally holds that blanky she’s sitting on. Yes, that’s a reproachful look. No, I’m not moving.)

I’m starting off with a Latvian Braid, because I like them and I like my knitting to be double stranded straight from the cuff. I always forget how to set them up but luckily here’s a good tutorial: Ohdessa Knits a Latvian Braid

In the mean time I am happily studying patterns for the Woodland Pullover. There’s so much to be learned! In these mitts I also hope to practise that yarn dominance I was talking about yesterday.

This is not a defeat… this is a nice compromise.


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