Stranding Exercise: dominanting yarn

For the Latvian Brain I need to alternate colours with every stitch. This is a good opportunity to look at my way of knitting with two colours and think about dominating yarn.

I knit Eastern Combined. Or Contitental Combined. Or Russian. Or “Continental Wrong”.
It means I have my working yarn over my left index finger and I pick it up in the most energy efficient way. This is “continental wrong” because continental the right way results in a stitch on the needle that has its right loop at the back and its left loop at the front.

Mine sit reversed: first leg of the stitch is in front of the needle, last leg is at the back. This is a big advantage when knitting flat because on the reverse row all stitches are “continental right”. Purling my way zóóóms along.

For knitting in the round you have to do a tiny little more effort to get the needle into the stitch, you have to approach it from the front. With “continental right” you just slide right in.

Anyway. Stranding.
So my one yarn is over my left index finger. The other yarn is over my right index finger. I flick it. This is the English way of knitting: “throwing”.
Alternating my colours goes very fast, my right hand does all the work. Either choosing to use the inserted needle to grab the yarn laying over my finger or choosing to throw the other yarn over the needle. Zazoom, zazaam.

The neat thing about working like this is that one colour is always under the other. The yarns do not tangle on the back side. In this case all fuchsia floats lie on top of the white yarn.

This will come in handy when materializing the yarn domination technique I’ve been reading about. It should be the yarn on my left that is dominant, the lower lying yarn. The white one. I will use this knowledge when knitting. The body of the mitten should have pink birds popping, so I’ll switch the yarns then.


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