finished: Devonshire Cream Cowl

It’s soooo comfy! Warm! Luxurious! Soft! And very nicely stacked ruffles.
I love it!

pattern: Devonshire Cream by Laura Aylor
Mine took 133 grams of the Bowmont Wool, 336,7 meters of DK weight on 3,75 mm needles. Here’s my projectpage.

To close the tube I kitchenered it together after only 7 repeats of the cable pattern. This is a bit tight around the neck but otherwise it would have been 8 repeats to make the cables line up nicely and that would have added another 8 centimeters to the length. It would have been too wide. I like my soft luxurious cowls close to the neck. Besides: knitting is stretchy.

To kitchener with I took a piece of yarn the length of three times the circumference of the tube and then some.
Still the yarn made a funny:

That’s all the yarn left from the tail I was working with!
I was really getting nervous towards the end.
I don’t like this kind of yarn humour.
At all!

Then the yarn revealed another giggle. It did what all my cardigans and pullovers do once they’re finished:

Reveal a dropped stitch.
I really want to be mad at this yarn for doing this, This is not funny, yarn! You’re not funny! At all!
But you are too soft and too fine to be mad at. Let me hug you and snuggle your ruffles…

Luckily I can just thread a thread through this stitch and secure it. Just like I do with all my sweaters. Sigh.

With the remainder of the yarn I have now casted on for a hat to go with the cowl. A Devonshire Cream hat, with stacked ruffles going round. Lovely.

I really like my cowl, I’ve been wearing it all day.
(have not woven in the short funny ends nor secured that dropped stitch. Probably won’t. Ever. Just like I do with all my sweaters.)(You see yarn, I can be funny too.)


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