Woodland sweater: I changed my mind.

So know I have to knit this cardigan top down. Because I have a limited amount of yarn. (have you seen my new skeins? I learned. No more single skeins if I want it to be a main colour)
Also I wouldn’t be using many of the accent colours I’ve got. Just the dark brown and the white. (just as well because the cat hogged the lot)

There are not many examples of Fair Isle knitted top down, most is knitted bottom up. I don’t know why. Tradition probably. I do know a single coloured stitch in a sea of other coloured stitches looks different depending whether you knit it bottom up or top down. Bottom up gives you coloured V’s. Top down gives you …..eh…. searches key board…. ^

The other thing is bottom up gives you an easy shoulder to sew shut. I have square shoulders, I like my cardigans to have front and back panels with square tops that I can just sew or knit together. I like bottom up because of that, I get better fit.
It can be done top down, square shoulders, but it requires some smartness. Especially when you want to insert vertical lines. And a steek.

Fit top down is relatively easy when you work with a round yoke or a raglan. But that’s not what I want for this Art Deco stripey thing. Because the stripes need to be vertical, all the way to the top.
So I’ve been reading up on Saddle Shoulders and Contigious Knitting. Both lovely. Both new to me. Both requiring more thinking and figuring out before I cast on.

By now things are starting to stack up. Top down + square shoulders + stripes = lot of thinking and lot of things going on simultaneously. Not a relaxed knit.
Bottom up = easier but constant worry about enough yarn. Not relaxed either.

Then I got sucked in by nature…

I spend the weekend at the cabin. In the woods. In Autumn. Lots of buzzards. Song birds. Leaves. Critters. I surfed some charts of woodland creatures, for that blanket I’m planning with the various shades of brown and orange…

That’s when I remembered.

  1. Brown doesn’t suit my face
  2. but knitting brown and orange makes me happy.
  3. I would love LOVE to knit woodland creatures with these various yarns
  4. I’ve been dreaming about a woodland cardigan for a year now
  5. I’m annoyed by having to be smart with knitting this top down or bottom up because of yardage and style

= why bother making a stylish cardigan from brown and white when brown doesn’t even suit me and it doesn’t even have woodland creatures??

Why not knit a top down, round yoke cardigan, with woodland creatures? Enjoying that Riihivilla design thing I mentioned earlier? Bold blocks and playing with background colour and so forth.
There will be plenty to think about: shapes and patterns and colourcombinations. And I can try out a steek for the first time. But still: playful and relaxed knitting. No wrestling with gauge and fit. (well, not much anyway)

I can make that stylish cardigan with Art Deco patterns, bottom up, later on. In colours that suit me. Some of them have found my house, just the other day.
So that’s the plan: round yoked Woodland cardigan, with steek, with delighted designer of woodland creature charts.
Later on: a stylish cardigan (or pullover) with Art Deco overall pattern. In white and greens and blues.


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