2013: Wrapping up the Year!

At the beginning of the year I had made some ridiculous knitting plans. Basically I had listed all the things I had meant to do but never did and really wanted to do. I assigned some to months and was resolved to knit them.

I kept a tally on my profile page on Ravelry and throughout the year I referred back to it to see where I was and where I was going. I worked very well for me, knowing the most important projects had a time slot.

btw, nowadays I have this picture as my ravatar: winter cuddles and happy colours:

Today I’m looking at the tally to see what I’ve done.
Boy, I am ASTOUNDED at how much of that list I’ve actually done!
Here are quotes from my profile page, with some pictures of projects I started and sometime even finished in 2013:

“these are the plans for 2013:
Dec 2012: finish [Kelmscott Cardigan][4] **done**
Dec 2012: finish [Snow Sweater][5] **done**
dec 2012: finish preparation swatch aka scarf Pippi L KAL **done**
Jan: host and knit [Pippi Longstocking Lace Shawl KAL][6] **done**
Jan: design and knit mitts for a friend **done**
Jan: do [the spinners challenge][7] **done**
Jan: crochet [one cat][8] for the freeform Kitty Blanket **done**
Jan: socks with this [januari yarn][9] **done**
Jan: felt winterlights **halfway**
knit blocks weekly for KarmaKnusdeken **done**

Feb: dye [Kelscott cardigan][10] **wrecked**
Feb: dye Frankengarn socksilk, 3mm **done**
Feb: knit something with [this gorgeous turkoise silk][11] **done**
Feb: knit with Santenay yarn **done**
Feb: make sweater Stientje **done**
March: one week of KarmaKnusDeken Blanket Blocks **done**
March: make Peabody sweater **started**
March: knit mitts for aunt Aafke **done**
March: design and knit [Metalic Lace with beads][12] **started**
March: design a block for the Karmaknusdeken blanket **done**
March: start weaving **done**
April: knit the Karmablocks **done**
April: knit with Tulp and beads **done**
April: knit for Karma swap Luxury **done**
May: knit Summertop in blue Lang Yarn Seta Silk **done**
June: spin something **done**
June: sew a dress **done**
June: Broderie in green Frankengarn **no, ugly**
June: crochet a cat for the Kitty blanket **done**
July: Tour de Fleece **done**
july: knit mitts Ljalja **done**
July: : knit all the Karmaknus blocks **done**
Summer: do something with [Rozerood truitje][13] or other cardigan **started wrenna**
August: crochet a cat for the [kitty blanket][14] **started**
august: felt circular holder for Meta **done**

Sept: chemocap for LSG **done**
sept: knit cardigan. **done**
Sept: stephen west kal **done**
Autumn: make a intrinsic cabled sweater with [Frankengarn yarn][15] **abandoned attempt due to bad pattern**
Autumn: knit Oak Leaf Cardi in Lang Yarn Tweed **started**
Oktober: finish dress pattern and sew Gnome Dress
Oktober: felt green fairy dress
Oktober: crochet a cat for [the freeform Kitty Blanket][16]
Oktober: Old Town cardi in sockyarn **started**
Nov/dec: work on [the freeform Kitty Blanket][17]
Nov: make Karma Blanket Blocks **done**
Dec: FRAU HOLLE TIME. The time between time.
knit Snow Drop Cardigan. Spin longdraw. Bake cookies.”


That picture on the top left is a 2014 project, it’s our Dutch Karma Group logo for when we knit (or crochet) along during the Olympic Games. Our event is called Raveoly.

But that’s a plan for February 2014, right now I’m still quoting my tally for 2013:

“still to do: felt Spring Fairy Dress (2.5m naar 1.8m); spin [Longdraw Camel Down][18]; use Bowmont yarn **done** and sew dresses, knit [owl mitts][19] for me


Somewhere in between: finish [gothische xmas socks][20]; finish [slipped stitch Puckered socks][21] **done**; use [Koigu yarn][22] **done**; use [Bowmont yarn][23] **done**; do some felting; use lots and lots of the stash **done**; spin **done**; dye the FOs I don’t wear; participate in a few swaps **done**; host and visit knitter parties **done**
knit a Spring Cardigan in Blue Frankengarn **frogged**
April: corespin a batt like TudB’s cushion cover


erm…. how many days will the 2013 have?

also: frog and reknit [Donegal cardigan][24] in the right size. **done** Redesign [January Dream Shawl][25] reuse yarn from [January Dream Shawl.][26]**done, in Vlinder**. Use [Loudmouth yarn][27]**done**, [Bourette silk yarn][28] and [Posh Eva yarn][29]. And re-use [that Lang yarn alpaca dyed in the ball][30]. With beads.

there are also 2 [lovely][31] [Skew][32] wips to finish. I really like to wear those socks! Spin [that yak][33], [that camel][34] and [that other camel.][35]


oh, and I want to felt a complete fleece into a rug. **started** And a long skirt, with Wensleydale locks. And a bag. And winter wonderland lights **halfway**. And a wallet. And cushion covers.
Brioche! also want to do brioche. Need a headcover, silk preferably **done**. And a cowl, in Santenay yarn **done**
Eta: and a pooling scarf. With [that EasyKnits yarn Poppyfield][36]. Mustmust!
Draakjesvest **found yarn**, AutiPink **done**, new readingmitts with handspun Tibbe roving **done**, sideways cloche in brioche, pauline headcover with autumn leaves, something with that rusty orange mohair, something combined with all the blue lace yarn, sew a dress **done**
And bulky or aran voor sideways cloche **done**, frankengarn groen en wit voor ‘kwalletjes’ **done**, iets zelfstrepend voor die ene hood, met ajour.
knit [Elven Hooded Scarf](/patterns/library/elven-hooded-scarf) find yarn for it first **found yarn**


dna mutation research **done**; haute couture sewing technique dresses **done** and research technical legal papers concerning a chemical plant **started**


this is a list. Start at beginning. The reward for finishing something is that I get to cast-on the next project (to which I am looking forward very much).
Only do what you LOVE with yarn you LOVE. Your time is precious.”

I’ve done so well in 2013!!

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Old Jeans Town doing a Weird Wool Funny

I worried I’d be running out of yarn soon so I started the ribbing at the bottom edge:

Knitting ribbing is a perfect knitting project for a car ride to and from the cabin and for the various x-mas specials we watch on video. I’m quite brainfogged these days so ribbing is welcome, even if it is slow.

This cardi has long ribbing at the cuffs so at the hem it doesn’t matter if it’s long too.

I’d love the cardigan to be a little longer in general, right down to my hips, but hey, you can’t make wool out of thin air.

Or can you?? Where did that little ball of yarn come from? I’ve got no idea.

All I know I need to frog all these hours I spend on the ribbing and redo them when I worry I run out of yarn again.

Put the pedal to the metal, dear!

Spinning Sparklies

I’ve begun to spin the BFL/Nylon blend

Just singles. But with enough twist to (have to) make them into a plied yarn.

I draft the pencil roving a tiny little bit, to take away some of the shrillness of the colours.
I think I’ll ply it with a semisolid or solid green, if I can find one in my stash.
If not, I’ll spin the last few pencilrovings very thin and ply with that.

Either way I don’t think it’ll will result in yarn that I like to knit with. The fabric will be all mottled and varying in colours. I don’t like multicoloured fabrics. Heathered ones.

So this wool has its primary goal in this stage: providing spinning delight. It sure does! What with all the colours and sparklies.
Very festive.

Progress: Old Jeans Town Cardi

Soon I’ll be starting on the ribbing for the lower edge. Then, when I’ve got a mere 1 m of yarn left, my cardi will be finished.

I so much like the back detail of this pattern! And the way the shoulders are constructed.

It’s not quite as long as I’d like it to be but this is all you get from 3 skeins of sockyarn, 1200 m in total.
I thought about replacing the ribbing with the lace pattern that’s used for the collar, it may give some more length for the same amount of yarn. But I decided to keep true to my intention to knit this pattern as written, to not “improve” on it.

After I run out of yarn, minus that 1 m I need for sewing up the sleeves, I’ll block it. Then I’ll seam the sleeves. Then I wear it!

I have already cast on for a new one, in red Wollmeise. But I am wavering on the lace pattern for the collar… I’ve cast on enough stitches to use the lace pattern from Rapunzel Crescent Shawl, from designer Meilindis:

I love that lace!
But I have a little bit of doubt about the open lattice work in it, that might be too open for wearing around the neck and front?

My alternative choice would be “koffieboontje”

That vintage Dutch stretchy faux rib I like very much. It’s also featured in my block design for the Karma Blanket.

But it’s so dull next to Rapunzels braid!

I need to decide because this afternoon we have a car ride to my sister in law and I need something to knit…
Or I could just much about until we leave and knit the ribbing in the car. Hoping it will last me on both trips. Yes, I think I’ll do that. Mucking about is a special talent I’m trying to develop. And it gives my surroundings an opportunity to present me with Things That Need To Be Done Urgently.
Or Wooly Things To Spin. Whatever catches my eye first.

Weird Wool Wednesday: x-mas spirit

Merry x-mas day! The strips of roving go so well with our decorated sitting room!



Look, there’re two cats in this picture!

You probably spotted the white one on the red couch fast.
But on the utmost left, there’s a dark blob snoring… a dark blob on a purple cushion…

mrs Dark Blob! mrs Dark Blob!

Are you awake?
Aw, Pookie, hello. Can you sing us a x-mas song? Pleeeeeease?


…. thank you, Pookie….
And what about mrs White Blob?

Hello? Lillepoes?

Would you please sing a little song for us, Lillepoes?



“mumble bells… mumble bells…”

Finished: Devonshire Cream Hat

I finished the Devonshire Cream hat. It will go so well with my Devonshire Cream cowl.

It’s a cabled tube with cables from the pattern Devonshire Cream Cowl. I picked up stitches at the top and knit the top, decreasing untill I could close it.

It’s so nice and comfy! Double knitted fabric around my ears, so warm. The yarn is Bowmont, it’s so soft.

Of course I couldn’t have done it without cat-help…. I may think I’m taking pictures, someone else knows I’m just arranging a lap.

Prepping Happy Coloured Fibre 2

I’ve been reading this book, Color in Spinning by Deb Menz:


It invites you to think not only about which colours to combine (think colour wheel, accent colours and opposites) but also proportions. As a spinner you get to chose how much of which colour you add to the mix. And how solid you let this colour show up in the resulting yarn.


What I didn’t realize for a long time while I read this book and looked at the examples is that Menz is blending the colours as she spins: she keeps rovings of various colours in her hand and lets them blend while she spins them. And she spins singles yarn.


I looked at the happy fibre from Tibbe and although I don’t like the neon yellow one bit, I bet it gives the finished yarn and knitwear a real nice kick.

I teared the roving in long strips. These are ready for spinning right away. I made them a tad thicker than I want them to be so a little bit of drafting will occur. This will blend the colours a tiny bit.

I have not decided yet if this is going to be a single or a plied yarn. I need to decide this before I spin it because the single for a singles yarn requires not as much twist as singles that are intended for a plied yarn.




Weird Wool Wednesday, two can play a game

Lillepoes is playing a mind game, she’s already claiming my blanket and it isn’t even finished!

But my blanket is coming along nicely, right?

I’m playing that grown woman’s game: pushing around knitted squares, looking how a colour looks here or perhaps better over there. It’s fun!
I finished some of the more elaborate squares. I blocked nearly all of them. Now I get to enlarge some of them by adding a coloured border untill they all have more or less the same size.
Then I get to play some more.