Color Craving, finishing touches

I finished the shawl Colour Craving for my friend. I blocked it and it looks really goor, if I do say so myself.

All that remained were the finishing touches: a dropped stitch. My red crochet hook is pointing to it. A piece of yarn is already on the needle to fix it:

I truly cannot make one project without dropping a stitch… not even a gift for a friend on which I really paid attention!

As you’ve gathered by now I usually don’t pick up stitches on projects for me, determined as I am not to have the knitting pull the wool over my eyes.

But when it’s for a friend I go the extra mile:

I took a piece of matching yarn and duplicated the knitted row, from the backside. While doing so I secured the dropped stitch.

This yarn is Design Line Hand-dye Effect by Kaffe Fassett. It’s wool fibres with a nylon sewing thread wrapped around it. Loosely.

It’s really badly designed yarn, I feel. In a couple of spots the sewing thread was broken and the yarn just drifted apart. Such a nuisance when you’re midrow! I had to do all kinds of tricks to double it up without having sewing thread or wool fibres hanging loose from the fabric.

Also, the sewing thread is loosely twisted around the fibres AND it has a twist of its own. Which means that in every stitch you get two separated loops, one of which is dealing with an additional internal twist, making it curl up. For each stitch you have to look and poke with your knitting stick to get both loops. A nuisance!

See how short the wool fibres in this yarn are? It means this yarn just falls apart whenever its sewing thread is gone:

Bad yarn.

The yarn has long, slow colour repeats. So the piece I took to repair the fallen stitch had a slightly different colour than the row. That’s why I duplicated at the back, so the new colour would be behind the original stitches.

You can still see some of the differently coloured duplicates peeping out from under the original stitch but it’s way better than when I had duplicated from the front:


Finished! The shawl’s now all ready to be presented and I will do so tomorrow. It will be a lovely knitterly visit, with yarn and tea and I get to play with her wool winder for a bit. I’ll take some pictures of the whole shawl then too.


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