Old Town cardigan: great pattern for the brain fogged

Old Town cardigan, it’s amazing how well this pattern by Carol Sunday is! As long as I don’t try to outsmart it and just do what it says it comes out great. It’s a great knit for when I’m brainfogged or distracted by a movie or outdoor scenery.

It’s top down and I’ve already separated for the sleeves. I’m doing those first because after that I can knit the body until I run out of yarn.

I had a little bit worries about the first sleeve. I started it in the round, as is my custom. And on a needle bigger than I’m knitting the body because I knit small tubes more tight then large tubes.
But it showed a ladder where I had the magic loop:

I want this to be a Smart Lady Cardigan. One I can meet my Serious Grown Ups in and not give away that Little Mrs. Gnome is my secret identity.

So I frogged it back and decided to work the sleeves flat. As the pattern suggests in the first place. I went back to the original needle size which is way smaller than most people use because I’m such a loose knitter. I get gauge though. One car ride further and it was going marvelous, I’m already down to the elbow!

Then I got a bit worried because although I get stitch gauge on this small needle, I probably do not get row gauge. Which would mean I was decreasing faster than the pattern wanted. Resulting in too tight a sleeve.

So I took a bit of yarn and sewed up the sleeve I had worked so far. Tried it on:

It’s ok. It will relax a bit more with blocking and even more because this is superwash yarn, which relaxes way more than regular yarn. I’m golden.
To be more acurate: this pattern is golden.
Excellent for “just fiddling thumbs time” and yielding such a beautiful result!

I’ve already planned to make another one. In red. With “koffieboontje” stitch for the lace part. And one in green. With leaves. Also with leaves at the back panel, fanning out.

Oooh yes, I finally get to scratch that cardigan itch without having to do all this thinking and swatching and redesigning and frogging.

my projectpage is here
I’m using regular sockyarn and needles 2,75mm to get gauge at 24 st/10 cm

When it’s not “just fiddle your thumbs time” I do the “requires thinking knitting”: the Devonshire Cream Hat and the designing of the Woodland Sweater. Yesterday I spend the afternoon in bed researching the increase rate for the yoke and which animal would like to be involved in it.


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