December = in between time

To me, December is Hulda time. Frau Holle. The ancient goddess, from before Christianity, from before Celts and from before Vikings. She turns the wheel of time, guiding people and crops through the year. Read about her here. or here (wiki)

In December she retreats into her well, giving all souls shelter untill the new year starts and new life begins.
In that December time she is ageless. There is no time.

Custom is that women finish up their household chores, do all the spinning, and prepare for a few weeks of festivity, spanning our Christmas and New Years Eve. Untill halfway January.

Yesterday the time-without-time began for me. I arrived in the cabin and time is my own here.
I’ve done a bit of this, done a bit of that. I have not looked at the knitting calender I have used all year (it’s on my profile page on Ravelry).
Instead I did some embroidery:

A cushion cover from Japan!
Given to me by Lieneke who has a gnome that wants its picture taken every day. The gnome and Lieneke have been to Japan. She also brought me back THREE teleidoscopes. I ADORE teleidoscopes! Not many people know about them but Lieneke does! Her mother is a collector.
I’m over the moon!

I made some punis on my new blending board:

Punis are tight rolags. They are for worsted spinning: sleek, smooth yarns. My first puni was a bit…. “rustic”. It got better after that:

And today I found myself felting. (and vacuuming.) I’m as surprised as you are!

It’s simple felting, just shrinking a prefelted piece of cloth in beautiful colours. Afterwards I want to sew it into a top.

Later on I’ll make a wonderful skirt to go with it, with layers of chiffon and nunofelt. Proper felting. Clouds of silk and wool!

I really enjoy my time-without-time this week.


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