Prepping happy coloured fibre

In one of the photo’s in the previous post you could see a beautiful braid of spinning fibre. It’s a BFL/Nylon mix handdyed by Tibbe. Tibbe loves colour!

Here’s a picture that might give the impression the braid is a soft spoken fan of Spring:

It is not!
It’s more a 13 year old loving ’80s disco! It has hot pink, it has neon green, it has sparkles!

Last evening I unbraided the braid:

then I opened up the roving, I kind of ‘unfolded’ it.

It shows colour repeats of a length that would muddle the colours if I were to draft it without any further preparation. The green would mix into the pink would mix into the orange.

One method is to strip it lengthwise and only add twist, no drafting. I learned that when I first started spinning, with this yarn (link to Ravelry stash entry):

It had colour repeats SHORTER than the fibre staple. I teared it up in strips the thickness of the yarn I was after and plied it with lilac sewing thread.
I also had to think about how it would end up knitted:

So just splitting the roving lenghtwise in small strips will keep the colours very intense. But the resulting knitwear would be mottled, with all the different colours close to each other.
(but I could decide to weave the yarn, that would give another look)(it also depends on how thick I am going to spin this) (whether or not to ply it) (so much decisions!)

Today the roving is a feature on the table so I can think about how I will approach it.

There may be other additional fiber preps I can do. Card it by colour? Card it into rolags? The nylon fibres are short enough for that. But is the BFL?

There’s some bright neon yellow in there (is there any other kind of neon yellow?) and I’m pondering if I want that to show up in the knitwear or rather blend it in while spinning…

I could read some spinning books for inspiration. I could look at other people’s yarn. Or browse the new feature Ravelry has where you can keep notes on how you process a fibre into yarn. A special handspinning projectpage.
Notes on method of fibre preperation, method of spinning, the amount of twist, the method of plying. Very nice. Here’s mine for this fibre. To make notes in if and when I make decisions…

Oh, look at that nylon sparkling!

Tibbe also has a shop on Etsy. There may be new fibres to find in the new year.

the tearing in narrow strips is now a standard prep in my spinning projects. When you then full the single (no plying needed and don’t ever use sewing thread again) it becomes very sturdy and you get even more options on how to display the colours in the resulting fabric.


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