Progress: Old Jeans Town Cardi

Soon I’ll be starting on the ribbing for the lower edge. Then, when I’ve got a mere 1 m of yarn left, my cardi will be finished.

I so much like the back detail of this pattern! And the way the shoulders are constructed.

It’s not quite as long as I’d like it to be but this is all you get from 3 skeins of sockyarn, 1200 m in total.
I thought about replacing the ribbing with the lace pattern that’s used for the collar, it may give some more length for the same amount of yarn. But I decided to keep true to my intention to knit this pattern as written, to not “improve” on it.

After I run out of yarn, minus that 1 m I need for sewing up the sleeves, I’ll block it. Then I’ll seam the sleeves. Then I wear it!

I have already cast on for a new one, in red Wollmeise. But I am wavering on the lace pattern for the collar… I’ve cast on enough stitches to use the lace pattern from Rapunzel Crescent Shawl, from designer Meilindis:

I love that lace!
But I have a little bit of doubt about the open lattice work in it, that might be too open for wearing around the neck and front?

My alternative choice would be “koffieboontje”

That vintage Dutch stretchy faux rib I like very much. It’s also featured in my block design for the Karma Blanket.

But it’s so dull next to Rapunzels braid!

I need to decide because this afternoon we have a car ride to my sister in law and I need something to knit…
Or I could just much about until we leave and knit the ribbing in the car. Hoping it will last me on both trips. Yes, I think I’ll do that. Mucking about is a special talent I’m trying to develop. And it gives my surroundings an opportunity to present me with Things That Need To Be Done Urgently.
Or Wooly Things To Spin. Whatever catches my eye first.


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