Spinning Sparklies

I’ve begun to spin the BFL/Nylon blend

Just singles. But with enough twist to (have to) make them into a plied yarn.

I draft the pencil roving a tiny little bit, to take away some of the shrillness of the colours.
I think I’ll ply it with a semisolid or solid green, if I can find one in my stash.
If not, I’ll spin the last few pencilrovings very thin and ply with that.

Either way I don’t think it’ll will result in yarn that I like to knit with. The fabric will be all mottled and varying in colours. I don’t like multicoloured fabrics. Heathered ones.

So this wool has its primary goal in this stage: providing spinning delight. It sure does! What with all the colours and sparklies.
Very festive.


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