Shawlpins of s(h)itting dogs

I’m writing this post beforehand and I’m time-posting it. That way you can read this post at the same moment my friend Carla unwraps her birthday present and finds this:

A shawl pin in the shape of a dog, shitting sparklies!

It has a long pin at the back that you weave through the fabric. Especially good for lace shawls.
I made it, from aluminium wire. It’s the first pin I’ve made in over a year. I made them before, making my own designs, and selling them.

I so much hope she likes it…. she is a dog person and has a sense of humour. But still…

I had the most fun designing these, as you know. Finishing them was quite a task…

The brown sparkly flowers can be turned around, then they are just plain silver. Carla likes silver. As do I.

I made two more:

These are the ones that started it all. They are proper dogs, no sparklies.

A year ago I promised to make these for two knitter friends, it was a commission. But I couldn’t muster up the energy or inspiration to make them. Not even cats. For a whole year long! I felt guilty and inferior every month, but I just couldn’t face the wire and the hammer.

They both graciously understood and haven’t pushed me once. For which I am SO GRATEFUL! That’s when people truly understand how living life can be hard and that attentive people don’t need pressure added.

And then a few weeks back my knitter friend Pippi visited and we had a lovely time chatting and knitting on the couch and finally my mind was right to put my appreciation for these people into inspiration into wire-sensation.

The moment you read this, one of them is dropped off by the postman, the other one is dropped of by me. These are now gifts, because I so much appreciate them them.

I hope they all like them!

Now I’ve got to dash. Birthday party to go to. In my own car. Wearing my festive dress. Bringing pins. Dreaming of making more. And, on the way there, picking up a set of dumbell halters. I’m going to work on my back muscles. Ohyes, January is full of good cheer and intention!

PS I’m bringing Old Jeans Town Cardigan to the party too, to sew up the sleeves. It’s still wet from blocking but it looks MARVELOUS!
PS because that’s the kind of party we love, where you can bring wet garments and start weaving in threads.

She loves the pin! It made her laugh very much!


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