Weird Wool Wednesday: cats and mice

That time when I went to Amsterdam, all by myself, and had a great time? That’s when I bought this bracelet as a present for myself, because cats! orange! it makes me smile:

Art from Mimisieraden in Amsterdam

(yes I brought my knitting and my yarn holder with me, I used it on the train and in the cafe and didn’t batt an eye)

The bracelet is made of emaille and I bought at MimiSieraden, on the Oude Leliestraat 1.
It’s in the same street as Yarnshop De Afstap and a chocolatier and Toscan delicacies and a cheese shop and glass art from Poland. Small street with old buildings, no cars. So a great street to visit!

Art from Mimi in Amsterdam

So what’s the weird wool thing? I hear you asking. Well, I know you are just the kind of person who understands the humour of wearing a cat bracelet together with handknits that have picot borders, we in Holland call: “mouse teeth”:

Art from MIMI in Amsterdam

A sturdy and traditional edge that doesn’t roll. Except from laughter.

PS Mimi, the artist herself, was in the shop, such a friendly person! She also has the same bracelet for herself, she confessed. Yay, another happy creative orange cat person!

Once I left the shop I did a double take and ran back inside for this handmade chicken bauble:
Art from Mimisieraden in Amsterdam

(why yes, my tree has a little glass hippo. I think every house benefits from one.)


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