Putting the Blanket together, some pics

Here are some photo’s of the work in progress. I’m now working on the one before last strip.

Some blocks I chose to pick up stitches from the right side, so a nice row of stitches would show, in both orange and the colour of the block.

It’s not always neat…. but it fits the overall feel of the blanket. And the brainfog with which this has been made at times.

These buttons I put finally on a block that I finished 6 months ago, aren’t they darling? They are ceramic.
I once got them in a swap that was all about bumblebees. I adore bumblebees. I try to provide them with a place to live. They love messy gardens so we are a good match!
We’ve got all kinds.

This block has neater ridges (in yellow):

This red one looks alright at the bottom but the top is… “characteristic” 😉

This is the one block that was missing in action:

Ran out of yarn. Typical.
This is handspun, from the Berry Cowl.

I used the two Noro yarns that lie there to finish it. Of course I ran out of the dark red yarn on the right. I used a bit of the purple that’s inside the green ball. I first did two rows of green. Although this looked fun it would distract from the figure I plan to stitch onto this block once it’s finished.

All in a row:

The view from my “working station”:

It’s important to keep them in order. To know which block goes where and which strip goes next to which one.

Somehow the choice for my Raveoly hippo snuck into the picture. It will be a green hippo with white flowers with yellow hearts.

I LOVE daisies and Ox-eye daisies. I do! I do!


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