Blanket progress and two new blocks

I put together two of the strips:

(sorry for the evening photo’s)

There’re also two last blocks I haven’t shown you in close up yet:

THis one used up the last of the red handspun and Noro, right at a spot where I needed a dash of red in the blanket. On it is a flower in handspun silk in a technique I got from an old book by Mary Thomas from 1899. Mary Thomas’s Book of Knitting Patterns.

It’s called Picot Point Knitting.
Basically it’s crocheting with your knitting needles.

This other block used up the last of my orange handspun and I’m really glad I got to use it on this blanket. Handspun, either by oneself or a friend, adds a special value to anything that you’re going to wrap yourself in:

I stitched on my name and the year. This truly is the blanket for 2013, each week one block.

The block, or the blanket, needs one last addition. A little squirrel in handspun from a batt called Happy Squirrel.

I used this pattern by Frankie Brown, she is a gem in the knitting designer world. Very sympathetic.

I didn’t have enough yarn, I still need something for the tail. But I keep losing this little friend. And refinding him in unexpected places.


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