finished: handspun hat

knitted on needles 8mm, in small portions:

we got 4 small portions at the National Anual Spinners Retreat 2013:

I traded with people and gave some away. I ended up with two batches called Spring (I think). White, yellow, purple, green, blue merino (or bfl, I don;t remember)

I spun one single from the roving, the colours mixed.
The other single I spun one colour after the other.
Plied them.

I chose to wear the purl side out, I like the little bobbles of colour. THe silk (white) shines so nice!

In April there’s the annual convention/meeting. I’ll be bringing this then, to show the organisation. I think it’s nice to see what people do with fibre you provide, they’ll be pleased.
Also, it wears really nice. Soft, warm, happy colours.

(my shoulder is doing well, I need to chance positions and activity ever hour it seems. Also stop wearing bra’s. This presents some logical and civil challenges…
Luckily I’m a hermit for the rest of the week so here’s hoping my shoulder accepts bra-straps once I venture into society again next week)
(in other news: I cut my hair. Forgot briefly about the difference between a thinning out scissor and regular scissor…. Good thing I’ve got a hat to wear.)


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