This is me not knitting: Draakjesvest.

I am taking it easy this week. My shoulder is happy with that. But I couldn’t sit still.

So I started a Draakjesvest, a Little Dragons Cardi.
I used to have a cardigan like that. It was green, from heathered yarn, 100% wool and it had a hood, pockets and spikes on the hood and along the arms. It was shop bought in the previous century when I didn’t know how to knit but did feel good wearing wool.

I had to leave it behind when I left Norway, back in 2005. It was totally worn out and came apart at the seams. Still it hurt throwing it away. But I needed the space in my suitcase for a felted weddingdress!

It was such a great little cardigan! I used to wear it when walking through the Art Academy and some guy would whisper friendly greetings from behind white walls: “draakje… draaaaaakje..”
Now I am recreating it.

(also, this is me not typing on the computer to give my shoulder rest…)

Terrible pictures, it really is a lovely green.
ribbing and one outer part of a pocket.

I’ve never done pockets before.
Invented the big cable myself. I will repeat it on the sleeves, bigger, and spikes will grow out of it.

There’s waste yarn running through the stitches. It will help with picking up and knitting stitches once I start knitting the ribbing part. The picked up stitches will become the inner lining of the pocket.

Also: see how neat the cables grow from the ribbing! I like that, the flowing of things.
Took a bit of tinkering and thinking to make that happen.
(Which is the not-knitting part of this. I took a full day to do the math and designing. All the while resting my shoulder.)
(then I knitted it in small installments. This is all the knitting I did this week. It’s not much.)
(Of course I had to rethink the cables once I started knitting. Originally I had designed 4×4 cables but you cannot grow those in a beautiful way from 2×2 ribbing. The 2 purl-stitches are placed inconveniently. You can grow 3×3 cables from 2×2 ribbing though, which is what these are)

Here’s the right front pocket, parked and ready to have its stitches picked up from the backside while I work the rest from the cardi from the ribbing:

In the next picture, please note how my column of k-stitches next to the p-stitches runs very wide, compared to the other k-stitch columns:

It has to do with tension and with switching between p and k.
There’s a darning needle in these pictures. Below it those stitches are wide. As are the purl-stitches beside it.
Above the darning needle I had tried out a solution. They look better, yes?

It’s a solution I got from TECHknitter. She ran a three part series on uneven knitting. Very educational!

She rightfully identifies this sort of uneven stitches as uneven tension between k and p stitches.
There are a few possible solutions. I chose to slip every purl stitch when it comes right before a knit stitch (as seen from the Right side)

You can see it here, the slipped stitch is on the needle with the working yarn running below it, it’s the p stitch on the left side of the utmost right cable. (This is the other pocket again, I applied the solution from the beginning and this column of k-stitches looks just as neat as the k-stitches beside it.)

Here, I’m pointing it out. This is the running yarn that I will knit into that p-stitch on the next row:

On the next row I’ll knit the yarn that was slipped the previous row (and I slip the stitch in this row)
It works, I think.

project page here. Not much on it though.

I knit the body on 3,25 mm with gauge of 20st/10 cm
yarn is Donegal Soft. This is Merino and a single (fulled). Heathered, in gorgeous green. I bought it in Ireland, at
They’ll ship a kilo of the stuff to you for just 2,95 euro flat rate!

I went over there and brought it home. This is the one I have, but it’s more darker and variegated in real life. Not so loud:

But also not nearly so dull and dark as in my own pictures!
It has a lot of spinning oil in it. As a precaution I wash my hands after I knit. With other yarns (shetlands from Eastern Europe) I’ve gotten insomnia from the oils.

Inspirations for my Little Dragon Cardigan are #13 Central Park Hoodie (CPH) and the Spiked Dog Collar.
But I am adding pockets and waste shaping to the CPH. And knitting another cable and different gauge and different placement of cables. So really, there’s not much CPH in my cardi…

But the original picture of CPH does have that “Draakjes”feeling I’m after:
pic by Interweave Press
pattern by Heather Lodinsky

The Spiked Dog Collar is an i-cord worked over increasing (or decreasing) stitches. It’s a free design by Melissa Turner who also owns this picture and this dog:


3 thoughts on “This is me not knitting: Draakjesvest.

    • this little cabling puzzle went well but now with the big batch of stockinette stitch my shoulder doesn’t like it. So off to do something else. (I tried felting…. no.)
      I friended you back!

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