Me not knitting: spinning

These little rolls where made on a blending board:

the orange ones I spun into two thing singles:

which I then plied together:

fingering weight, 160 m, about 30 grams.
Plying is easy on the shoulders, it’s just kicking the wheel really.
The spinning took about 3 weeks, the plying two days.

The pink rolls became some kind of princess fluff. With sparklies!

It’s a single spun directly onto the wheel. No plying.

The technique is called Core Spinning.
You take a fluffy existing yarn (mohair or in this case: Lang Yarn Alpaca Superlight) and you let the roving grab around it. For this you threadle slowly and grab the fluff with your right hand, the same that’s holding the core yarn.
All this grabbing and pinching is hard on the shoulder…

The fluff comes at a right angle towards the core yarn, that’s essential for this technique:

It’s a fast technique. I did this in one evening. I estimate it’s about 75 m, bulky weight. I will be setting the twist this weekend, probably fulling this, so it will really stay together.

Now my arm hurts. Not so much my shoulder but the tendons in my fore arm. My wrist too.
I’m such a crumbling wuss…

Still: sparkly princess fluff!

the rolls were made by the mum of Josanne who knows I love owls:


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