Ravellenics: purring hippo

I am so smitten with the yellow, white and green I chose for the Happy Hippo that turns out too rough to the touch. They remind me of Dick Bruna, the children’s book illustrator and creator of Miffy:

I love her flowers!

I crocheted another few flowers, hoping it would be alright anyway. But the little voice inside was not humming happily.
I played around with hook sizes but still no humming… that’s a sign.
I looked for thicker yarns in these colours: white, warm yellow and green. Couldn’t find them. Not willing to buy (I have a room full of wool!)

So I abandoned the idea altogether. After the initial sniffle this gave room to new interpretations and options: here are three of my favourite handspun yarns! (to be honest: virtual all handspun is my favourite 😉

Let me show you in one of my trademark badly coloured photo’s:

The yellow is a citrony yellow I dyed myself with plants. They typical dye this colour yellow. Or beige. This yarn is the first and only yarn I dyed with plants. It’s a stinky business, dyeing with plants. Do it outside. Put the dyestuff into an old panty or you’ll be picking stuff out of your wool for ever. Just saying.
The orange I spun just the other day, from the rolls delivered by owls and Josanne.
The blue is handspun by Meilindis and nice and soft.

Knitting with handspun goes faster than with commercial wool (scientific fact! Has to do with sheep contently humming while they grow wool and the spinner incorporating the humming into the yarn, making it knit up faster. Something to do with twist and rotation speed, I don’t know, all very hush hush).

I wonder if the same goes for crocheting… let’s experiment!

This Hippo is now a scientific guinea pig! A humming one.
And you know the other word for humming right?

PS on second thought: just keep the image of a content purring hippo wearing handknits in your mind. Don’t google when or why hippo’s purr in real life.


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