Weird Wool Wednesday: Shark Nav

This is my car, the one with the woolen neccessities, in it’s natural habitat:

Most days it stands there thinking green thoughts and collecting moss and bird droppings. Sometimes I take it out on the road and then it’s my safe, glass bubble to get me where I want to go. Most often knitterly meetings.

It has a new occupant to accompany me on my travels. Someone fitting for glass bubbles:


SHARK NAV is the newest contribution of knitter’ genius to that cutting edge field of technology and feeling good. It’s a niche market often overlooked but oh so important. It may be crowded by Furbies and their offspring at the moment but knitters will soon make their mark!

It’s a hammerhead shark. With conveniently placed eyes and lovely decreases. His little fins are adorable!
He can look in all directions while you drive and the good thing is: he doesn’t comment on anything he sees!

SHARK NAV will typically navigate your vehicle to little houses where knitters live. It picks up clues about where people who love wool might reside. Clues in the wild:

and clues closer to the home:

“I think a knitter lives here… turn right, turn right”

This gem was knitted by Trude, for the good cause of Dutch Divers for Serious Request 2013.
I am very glad I could buy it! I love the whimsical of it combined with expertise skills with which it was executed. It makes me giggle every time.


mission accomplished. You’ve arrived at your destination.


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