Accenting the love.

Have I ever shown you this top?

It’s handspun. I spun the white, out of some rebelling Texelaar (before I knew that it would be great spinning Long Draw).

But the pink, the raspberry, plays the lead! It is spun by a lovely lady from New Zealand with whom I share a love for little handmade pincushions and sending woolen gifts over the internet: Dianthusgirl.

We participated in a secret swap during December 2010 through the Ravelry group for Swapping Handmade Pincushions. She send so much love that it still resonates, three years later:

That cat-tin? It holds my pills and I use it daily and take it everywhere I go. The little gnome? It sits on my night stand. The blue fibre? It holds together my Fairy Tail Blue Princess Felted Dress:

I was so very touched she send me her handspun, in this great colour, that I thought long and hard how to wear it. I decided to make it an accent on an otherwise plain pullover. Also knit from handspun so the two might enforce each other.

The pullover and pink lace both have holes in them so they can be attached without having to mach gauge. No picking up stitches.
I chose a nice ribbon and closed it with a nice bow:

(which never sits this nice when I wear it, it always flips vertical… let’s call it a tribute to handmade quirkyness)

On the sleeves the bow always comes loose so I opted for a more practical solution: a knot.
Nice picots! I feel much princessy whenever I see my wrists in them, which is all the time when I wear this top. 🙂

The lace at the bottom:

I knitted the pullover way back when I thought all knitwear should have negative wearing ease. “Because knitting is stretchy, don’t you know?”
So the bottom was too tight and that’s why I made a split in there.

It did make the lace part easier: it is worked sideways and I could just keep going until it was long enough or until I ran out of yarn.
I did run out of yarn. That’s why the ribbon. Which enhances it all I think, so that was a nice neccessity.

I’m very glad I got to use all the raspberry yarn, it was such a lovely gift and I think fondly of my friend whenever I see it in my cabinet or when I wear it. Such as today!
(also… I may have displayed this top on my wall in my living room for months… actually: I did. It made me happy every day. Free tip: display handknits for instant happyness)

I’m thinking I could frog the white part and reknit it. It really isn’t very good…
Look, ugly wrap-and-turn holes:

pointed out by needle points and a turkish spindle

I did not know about shadow wrap and turns back than. Or German wraps as they’re also known. See technknitter blog if you want to learn about all the variants. The link is somewhere on my blog…
(but the very fist picture might have shown honestly that I am not a tidy person… so no surpise: you’ll have to rummage yourself. sorry)(you can get it by clicking on the tag at the end of the post called “shadow short row”)

The top was knit back in 2011. I didn’t know a lot of things back then. I knit the sleeves way too tight, knit the shoulders way too tight, had to do sweater surgery:

It’s still a bit too tight…
the really good thing is that I spun this Texelaar with quite a lot of twist. Not only matches this the natural crimp of the fleece (the wavyness of each hair) but also: tightly plied yarns stand up to wear well. They don’t pill as much. This sweater wears so nice! It’s only once a year I have to cut off the little pills.
(never tear them off, it leaves long strands that want nothing better than create new pilling)

On the other hand: this is the sweater I made. It was a process, it was made with so much fondness, so much gratitude. I think I’ll keep it as a recording of that.
And I am wearing it today!

Back then, I didn’t even know how to properly add yarn to the stash pages of Ravelry! This yarn isn’t even added and my utter admiration for Dianthusgirl is not properly reflected there. But it is felt every day in this house. Thank you, Heather.

here’s the link to the projectpage for the top


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