Aargh! Brioche yarn doubts!

I chose the colours, it is delightfull handspun and I knitted a lot of hours yesterday (ssh, don’t tell my shoulder)

Hat/cowl Frost on Leaves in progress:

pattern by Midori Hirose

inside out:

The inside out looks better than the outside out, colour contrast wise.
Even if the outside picture had been less blurry.

If anything, this hat/cowl would benefit from yarn that’s more blurry.
That’s the problem here. These two yarns are worsted. Meaning they are round and smooth. They have no halo.

A 3ply handspun is round round round:

Their counterpart yarns would be called “woolen”. Woolen yarns have a halo, they are light, warm and springy.
When you do colourwork with woolen yarns, they fill up the spaces between the stitches, making the colourwork more even.
Colourwork with round, worsted yarns shows the individual stitches. As can be seen in my Frost on Leaves.

I have sinned against the characteristics of yarn. Colourwork is better with woolen yarns. Also known as Shetland style yarns. (my Estland yarns would be excellent for it!)
These worsted yarns are better in fabrics where individual stitches matter such as a pattern with twisted stitches.

I’ll be frogging this cowl/hat. Have to look for other yarn yet again! And winter is over….
I want to knit with green… these greens.

I’ve already begun thinking how to serve them best. The light green likes to be shown in bigger splashes (so no stripes).
Twisted stitches are good (ooooh, that means leaves! in my mind anyway)(or https://marvelknits.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/design-my-block-for-the-blanket/)
It’s also a sturdy yarn, this 3ply, so I could do lace with big holes, such as https://marvelknits.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/seduced-by-lace-and-sparklies/ knitted on very large needles…

You see the problem(s) here: I’m designing something (to fit these yarns).
Designing takes time. And effort. And swatching. And reknitting. A lot of reknitting, to get it right.

I don’t want that. I want result. Now!

I want a yarn hobby that is faster….
(crochet is. Weaving is. But my shoulder says no.)

This green is also round round round. And a 3 ply too:


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