Finished: capelet. (with some brioche)

I finished my take on Forest Nymph Capelet!
I wove in the ends. I blocked it. I asked someone to take pictures of it. And the collar has Brioche!
win! (5)

712 meters of handspun, on needle 4mm. It’s one big skein that slowly changes colour, which made the collar in Brioche brilliant because I could knit from both ends of the ball.

project page here

Special Hooray! for the person making soup in the background: Jannetta!

It’s her birthday party and she invited a bunch of knitters. Yes, she’s wearing hand knit socks (we all are!).

Albeit I could not find a matching pair:

Wut? They both say “Spring” to me.

Detail under the collar:
little berry like nubbs (make 5 in one stitch, purl them together on the next row)

Detail at the bottom:
a few rows of garter after that sea of reverse stockinette stitch, to keep the edge from rolling. Each leaf is made to its tip and then the yarn is cut.
The leafs roll a bit, as to be expected.

That was one impressive pan of birthdat soup! All made from scratch.


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