Finished: Brioche hat!

I only started this last Friday. And yesterday, all of a sudden, it was finished!

That’s Brioche for you me

I’ve had a bad night but I want to show you my hat:

Here’s the link to the project page.
I used the shetland type yarn of, the yarn spinning factory in Estland that formerly made Evilla yarns.
The yarn is a bit rough when you knit with it but once you wash it and get rid of the spinning oil it blooms and grows softer.

I chose the same colours I previously had in the handspun, worsted yarns. They are so spring like.

Hat finished.
I can’t believe it.
So fast.

Now what do I knit?

It has to be Brioche because my shoulder really doesn’t like anything else. All other projects, including Shapeshifter, are on hold.
I’ve looked at the knitted things I think I need this year. A warm wimple would be nice. Something snuggly to hide my head in. I’ll be stash diving later today because not having a project to work on feels weird.

Here’s the hat in progress.

I started with the ribbing but that made my shoulder ache so much that I went into Brioche much sooner than the pattern stated.
I hope this picture also shows how harsh the yarn is too work with. It doesn’t hurt the hands, not that harsh, but not something that’s particularly friendly.

So different after a good wash!
Spring is starting around here.

Such pretty leaves:


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