Weird Wool Wednesday: moths with scissors

One evening, I was merrily spinning some wool:
Moths with scissors

When in the corner of my eye something wooly was not right:
Moths with scissors

not right at all…
Moths with scissors

Moths with scissors

A hole! A Big Hole!
Moths with scissors

No wait… moths don’t eat with straight edges…
Moths with scissors

I must’ve done this… I’m the moth.

When I was clipping away pilling from this sweater the other day I must have cut through the yarn. I vaguely remember a particular felted piece of pilling right about there…

Oh man, and it’s right at the bust. In plain sight.
I should darn it, I still have some yarn left. Yes, I should darn it.

Darning is not such a bad thing as the cry of frustration might suggest.

There are two three ways of darning knitted fabric.
The very wrong one:

Just sewing shut.
This will tear and wear the surrounding fabric in no time.

The wrong one. But compliments for caring for your socks anyway.

This method is called linen darning and is not quite right because you are adding a piece of woven cloth to a knitted fabric. This will be strenuous on the surrounding knitted fabric because it has to make up for the woven piece not being elastic. The edges will wear soon.

And the right way. Although I do not understand how one can shoot a five minute video and still have not started darning.
Here’s a photo tutorial for people who think five minutes is a long wait.

This is called “Swiss darning” and you duplicate knit stitches broadly around the hole, thus reinforcing the fabric around the hole.
Then you start filling in the hole with some vertical strands and then you put “knit stitches” along those strands, with a darning needle.

It’s a good way and will keep your knitting good for many, many miles. It’s also a nice activity, quite soothing.
I’ve done a short course a couple of years back and this was my first attempt once I got home:

Not bad! I still wear these socks.

Yes, I should definitely darn the sweater.
I can probably get away with just a single strand, there’s no need to darn a whole piece of knitting in there, after all it is not from wear that the hole occured.

Or I could just tie a knot and keep on spinning:
Moths with scissors


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