“We briefly interrupt…”

“…this blog until the cable for the iPad is sent here, from the City to the Cabin.”

In a cloud of brainfog all useful cables were put into the luggage of my Husband and The Other Cat, before they travelled back to the city this weekend. Now the iPad has run out of battery and since it’s the only device here that takes a picture of knitting that is acceptable… I have no pictures of the wool that’s going on here.

In the past I have taken pictures with the lap top but honestly, they are too… “idiosyncratic”. I was never proud of myself when I had to resort to Photo Booth.

Anyway. Let’s sit back and wait for the mailman.
Here, have some POP:

This is POP blanket!
By TinCanKnits a.k.a. Emily Wessel. She and Alexa Ludeman have a fun and inspirational site for knitters.

In these blocks you start with a circle and then make it into a square as you go along. (Very much like my life)
It’s great with yarn that changes in colour:

The shape shifting from round to square is done with short rows. I used German Shadow Rows.

I’ve made 5 blocks with the handspun Spinprojecte Lente, and they look fantastic! The idea of having one single in a solid colour and one with accents comes out great!

You should see the blocks that are currently blocking on my table.
(you will, as soon as the mailman comes, tomorrow)
(heehee, “blocks are blocking”)

I’d very much like to knit a whole blanket like this.

But do I need another blanket?? I’m still not very good with stockinette stitch…
But I ám using the Karma Blanket quite a lot…
Pity it’s also in the city.
Here, in the cabin, I use a heavy duty woolen horse blanket. Lillepoes and I are taking our daily nap under it, now that Spring has temporarily hid itself.

I think I just answered my own question! I need POP!

All pictures in this blogpost are by Tin Can Knits who know how to work a cable:


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