Weird Wool Wednesday: Embarrassing!

Still no mail man and no iPad cable.
So I took my laptop for a spin and tried to point Photo Booth at wool things that are going on in the cabin.
Here are my best pictures… *cringe!*

The POP blanket blocks in handspun:

I don’t know why my laptop (or Photobooth) thinks the fact that I’m eating a pickle is more important than knitting.

(Ahum! That bubble wrap on the ground has been there since the last time I was felting… which was… two months ago? I’m so embarrassed!)
(In my defense: you can vacuum underneath bubble wrap, not just around it.)

Lillepoes hogging the heavy duty woolen blanket that’s on the couch:
lillepoes op deken
It has great colours. It’s a very soothing and warm blanket. It was my grandmothers’. We both enjoy it very much. Although I have to work harder for it. I’m totally bossed around by my cat… which is the most mild mannered cat you can imagine. I’m so embarrassed!

and some fool wearing ear mufflers and a Brioche hat:
(ear mufflers because the farmer across the road is playing with some heavy machinery)
ekorre kussen

This knitterly specimen may or may not be spending a whole season of Criminal Minds embroidering a cushion of a squirrel amidst toad stool.
In a paint-by-numbers-kit.
From the 80’s.
In acrylics.

Which is not embarrassing.
At all.

criminal minds


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