Finished: Orange woven cloth

4.10m x 55 cm of soft cloth.

I washed it. This brings it from “web” to “cloth”. (not sure about the name “web”, either way it’s not “cloth” untill it has touched water)

I want to sew something with it. There are some issues with that: this fabric sags if used in larges pieces. But there’s innerunderliningbacking for that.
But what would I wear in this happy orange?
It’s soft enough to wear around the face… are armless dresses with a hood acceptable these days?

First it has to stay like this for a long time. Long enough for me to understand what it wants to be.

It’s only recently that I brought out of storage that other piece of weaving, my very first piece. That happy yellow cloth that bled terribly upon washing and ruined a special gift of handdyed sockyarn. The piece where I got not a caring response from the seller of the bleeding yellow yarn.
In the end I overdyed it green and tucked it away, deep and far.

As I try to link to this project I see I’ve never even blogged about it. It was my first project, learning to weave last Spring, so happy with my new loom. I made lots of pictures to show you how I did things for the first serious time. How to set up, how to wrap things in paper, how the release-and-lock-gear works. Basically all the joy I got from this first loom.
I never did because of the disappointment. Of loosing all that colour and after the shit-happens-but-you-can’t-talk-about-it-because-I’m-a-small-company response from the seller.

after washing, with white thing for colour base line:

If the seller had shown more consideration, just some understanding really, aknowledging how heartbreaking this was for me, a first time weaver enjoying her loom and intense colours. Then this project would have made it to the blog.
I’m amazed at how powerful people (me) react to how others interact!
We shouldn’t give them that much power. They just might be having a few bad days or have their mind elsewhere. It most certainly isn’t personal. So why take it so personal?
I should have blogged about my new loom and my first weave, I was very happy with both.

Anyway, this week I brought the now green cloth to the surface and I wear it as a nice, green scarf.


3 thoughts on “Finished: Orange woven cloth

  1. Ik zou wel heel blij worden van zo’n mooie geweven sjaal! Ondanks de eerdere teleurstelling heb je er toch iets moois van gemaakt!

  2. Gorgeous, subtle changes of color! In both weavings! I understand your disappointment with the transition from bold, brilliant colors to washed-out ones. I am learning that mistakes, errors, and OOOOOPS! can be reconsidered “design challenges”. You certainly rose to the challenge by over-dying your scarf.

    After decades of weaving, I am just this year getting used to the idea of cutting and machine-sewing my handwoven fabrics. I just posted about the handwoven jacket that I’m making.

    Thanks for sharing your weaving experiences ๐Ÿ™‚

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