Art Deco sweater: when knitting doesn’t want to play

This is my swatch sleeve of the Brioche jumper Art Deco.

Knitting inside out it gives a lovely herring bone pattern on the side that will be worn on the outside, eventually. Here visible in dark blue.

I like the colours. I like the yarn. I like the resulting fabric.
Here I’m inserting the first leaf. It will also function as a gathering around the wrist. My wrists are tiny.
A nice exercise for when I want to use leafs for waist decreases.

Here’s how it looks when I’m knitting it, the right side is on the inside now:

The only problem is: I have not touched this in a week.
The leaf, knitted on the wrong side and in the round, requires attention.
Where am I?
Is this a decrease round or a plain round?
How far am I from the increases?
Is it time for knitting stitches together already or is that next round?
Where am I?

These are not the kind of questions I want to answer when I want to just knit away.
And I have learned to change pace whenever knitting feels like a drag. Which this does.

So I’m looking if perhaps I can knit this flat. Or work the leafs with double knitting instead of elaborate Brioche decreases
P3-Br-tog, (Sl-yf-YO, M5-Br) twice, SSSBrp anyone?

Also this yarn attracts cuddles from the inhouse wool snob:

I had just turned away to type this, just after poking her with “the stick” because she was cuddling the teal cake from the table. I turn back again and there she is! Again! All innocent.

Oh, and the other cat sends her hello. See those teeth marks in the cake holder? “hello!


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