a knitted housequest: Divaatje

Today I have a houseguest: Divaatje (“little Diva”), the knitted ewe:

She’s the traveling sheep from the Ravelry group around indy dyer Dutch Wool Diva.

Divaatje came to the cabin in the woods yesterday.
She had just been to Rome with a travelling gnome. The first thing she did was making friends with the gnomes on my fridge.
But they’re not as adventurous as travelling Blogbouter is. Still everybody smiled:

She then helped me sew a top from the orange cloth I wove. We had to put in a lot of work because loosely woven cloth will fray at the edges. Without a zig zag stitch or overlock machine you have to secure the edges one way or they other.
Divaatje suggested band:

We finished just in time last night. It had to be finished yesterday because today Divaatje and I will be attending the annual meeting of the Dutch National Spinners Association. There’s a short official part. And then we get to play with wool and visit a market place.

With a little bit of luck we will meet the real Dutch Wool Diva herself, Agnès, and show off our orange delightlyness. (that’s so a word!)(or it should be.)

Last night there was just time enough left to make Divaatje her own scrumptious orange shawl. Agnès is going to love it, orange is her favourite colour! (or it should be)

In the back two handmade pincushions, from two dear women. Love (2)


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