guestpost by Divaatje

This is a guestpost by Divaatje, the knitted mascotte from the Dutch Wool Diva group on Ravelry. We went to the annual meeting of the Dutch Spinners Association.

First Anna drove us to the meet in her funny car. She had a shark in her car! It told her where to go.

That lady is nuts. I stared it down.
Until he got shy and shut up.

The official annual meeting of the Dutch National Spinners Association will now come to order!
And to orange!

After everybody got their coffee and settled with their wheel or spindle there was the official bit. But they always try to go through this in under 30 minutes so that was ok. And everybody keeps spinning while the meeting takes place!
We had to listen and also vote.

I didn’t vote, I just votobombed:

After the official part we all sat together in groups and spun and chatted and had some lunch.
It was all very laid back and relaxed. You could just pull up a chair and join a group. Everybody is friendly and in for a chat.

Hahahaaaah! Photobombed the Phpinners!

Later on there was to be a spinners’ market, I got a sneak peak before the spinners stampeded in:

While the spinners dug for treasure at the market stalls I waited in the main hall. My throne was this chicken.
It lays golden silken eggs.
With twigs in it.


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