spinning (in the) sushine

I’m a spindle snob: I only want to spin silk. And only Bombyx or Mulberry silk at that. Not Tussah (both are silk but the tussah has often shorter fibres and a different gleam)

Knitty.com has a beautiful article about silk and it’s origine here.

I’ve just sat outside, finishing spinning this gold in the sunshine today:

Of course there were cat comments:

oh-oh, she’s coming over to take care of business…

up close there was not much appreciation for my efforts.

Perhaps because by now my spindle was so full that I has started just piling it on, not winding it up in the neat pattern.

So not impressed. I’m doing all kinds of things wrong.

In the end I changed a few things around and this is the last of the golden mulberry silk finished:

I have another one of these “balls”, they’re called “turtles” I think. Next I will ply them together.
But first…

Ahh, basking in the sunshine. (the garden cushions are good too. She had to complain a lot before I finally understood. I’m so dense.)


4 thoughts on “spinning (in the) sushine

  1. I have just recently discovered your blog and love hearing all your tales of knitting,spinning,felting and all things wool. isn’t it great to finally be able to venture out into the warm sun for some of those activities! Today, here in Maine , i will sit with my faced tipped directly towards the sun and finish a little handspun baby sweater. Great blog, thanks for sharing!

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