plying gold

Plied on the wheel those turtles still had a chuckle:

After a day I took the yarn of and made it into a skein, unfinished (i.e. I haven’t given the yarn a bath yet).
I’ve put it next to the skein I spun from this silk a few years back, on my wheel:

The Turkish spindle turtle plied skein is at the top.
I like the twist better in the lower skein…

I’m thinking about running the turtle skein once more through the wheel, adding a bit more twist.
As a spinner you have some room to play in and make a yarn to your own specifications. As twist does relax a bit after the yarn has had its bath (and silk has no elasticity, it won’t “spring back” like wool does) I could give it quite a bit of extra twist before I turn it into a wire (which means: too much twist)
I may do this, I love the sheen of the smooth silk in the lower skein.

The top skein shows that one of the singles had more twist than the other: the threads are not evenly twisted around each other. One, the one with the less twist, dances a bit more loosely around the other.


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