sign of a failed Hipster…

I finished the shamefull cushion cover.


It’s acrylics, it’s from the ’80s, it’s handmade and that squirrel definitely looks ironic…
this is the perfect Hipster project!

It should rest ironically on some vintage couch. With some hipster dude glued to his device on the other end, him obviously not caring for nor influenced by ’80s acrylics.

The only problem is: I love it.

I love the colours…
the bright sheen of the acryl…

the squirrel…
the mushrooms…
the oak leaves.

I’ll mount it on a cushion and will use it on my couch, non-ironically.

You can’t claim hipsterness when you’re cushions are covered in cat hair and you really, really like squirrels.


5 thoughts on “sign of a failed Hipster…

    • thank you, I agree.

      Do we also love the fact it will probably cling to the back of the couch for weeks? Might never become an actual pillow?
      yes. yes we do. Because such is life when dealing with yarn πŸ˜‰

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