Two toned shawls

You can knit a shawl out of one skein of fingering yarn (sock yarn weight but mostly softer than sockyarn). Such a skein is 100 grams and has about 400 m of yarn on it.

Many shawls at the moment combine two skeins, just to make the shawl more wrappable. A bit more yardage, a bit more warmth.
I love colour contrast and it suits my face so I love these kind of shawls. This week I made a trade with someone and she is going to knit a shawl for me, out of two skeins from my stash.

The pattern is Me and You…and you and me from Fiddleknits
pic by hummingbirdtx
pic by knitcrazycpa

So I spend some time “tossing the stash” to chose which yarns to send. I found some lovely combinations.
Now I want all these shawls!

This is the combination my friend is going to knit:

A Merino Lace from 100%wool -the one I tried to make into Brioche with a white lace– and a OOAK handdyed silk single from Bart&Francis from Belgium.

Both are boldy coloured skeins but the striping in the pattern will tone them down, perhaps even give the illusion of green (I lóve green).

Fiddleknits has another shawl pattern coming out next month, it’s a sister design to the one above.
I chose these colours for it:
A Seasons and Elements from Moonwise in Cassis with a dark silvery Krokus from Dutch Knitting Design.
You wouldn’t believe how soft these yarns are!

Then I found an orange The Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga! with a OOAK handdyed silk merino mix from Dutch Knitting Design:

I have no pattern in mind for this one but I love how the combination is way out of my comfort zone or my habits in combining colours.
A Rhubarb green and red with orange? Go me!

In my queue is still the Rockefeller for which I chose the colours months ago. My handspun with a pale blue lace from Colourmart held triple.

pic by IgnorantBliss
Some of my friends have made this design and added some intelligent tweaks, to make it perfect and neat in all its details. I’ve been impatiently waiting for my shoulder to heal because I cannot wait to follow the trail along the pattern and their technical tweaks! And I get to knit it with my handspun, such a treat.

Digging through the stash I ran into plenty single skeins I’ve planned to turn into shawls for a while now.
Like this Drops Kid Silk into a Boo Knits Temptress shawl, with big old beads.

pic by Boo-knits

Yes, I made a Temptress before

I need another one! A fluffy one!

And this steel colours tencel that needs just a little bit encouragement to become a finished Spikey Gothic Neckwarmer. It has steel coloured Miyuki beads…

And then there’s this wonder of a skein, handdyed sock yarn by Wol met Verve:

Its colours are very much out of my comfort zone (just like the Rabarber skein up top, the one I’m going to combine with the orange Skinny Bugga).
But I love it and have been admiring this skein for a year now. There are so many colours and nuances in it!

It requires a clever approach, colour wise, because a skein like this will pool and flash and might loose a lot of its subtleties if the colours are not mounted right.
So I’m thinking knitting in the round, stacking the colours. Then perhaps steeking? Or weaving. Or crocheting freeform and let the colours guide. Or using elongated stitches.

I’m going to have a long hard think about it to find out how to make this gorgeous skein into a gorgeous piece of fabric.
Might just as well because I still cannot knit a stitch… I tried some knitting the other day -on those blasted leg warmers- and my shoulder pain came back. Together with tingling in my fingers. Even a whip like sting.
I’d better play by the rules and stick to playing with yarn and colours in my head.


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