Spinning mad

I’m spinning on my Turkish spindle every day now.
With some Dutch spinners we started a group where people make small bundles of fibre for each other. Batches of 20 grams. In nice colours, nice fibres.
This arrived in my mailbox the other day:

5 x 20 grams of various fibres from Sasssefras, a person who’s famous for making excellent little rolls.

The green silvery rolls made me squeek with joy and I put them on my spindle immideately.

They go fantastically well with my ring! It’s a big old rock, nearly an inch high, caught in faux gold.
It’s my Secret Mountain Fairy Queen ring.
I wear it this time of year (Feb thru May) and it makes my spirit travel to the mountains of Norway. It’s also an hommage to Frau Holle, that ancient European goddess (from before Celts, Vikings, Romans) who resides in a mountain and spins the threads of life.

Ooops, is my personal tag of madness hanging out again?
A more rational person would have rephrased it like: “spinning great fibre with good tools is as much a spiritual experience as it is one of skills.”
And we would all nod understandingly and not feel the flurry of fibre butterflies around our hearts 😉

Look at this roll, who thinks off adding a bit of lilac to a roll that’s all warm greys and warm greens??
Sasssefras would. She’s a master of colour.

Every thread I wind upon the turtle gives such delight. The fibres, the softness, the glitter, the colours. The precision with which I add twist. Pure delight.

I spin on the couch. I spin outside. As long as I manage to catch the rays of sunshine on my spinning thread, it’s all good.

So many subtle colours… going through a roll is like a journey through colours and textures.


2 thoughts on “Spinning mad

  1. Yes slowly i’m reading trough your blog, and oh my what compliments you are giving me. Way to much credit for me!! But i’m so pleased you liked the rolls so much!!

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