On a roll!

These are the little fibre candies I send to two fellow spinners:

Each “blob” of fibre is 20 grams. There’s Merino and Shetland and BFL and Silk and Baby Camel and a particular soft blend of Alpaca and Silk from Coldharbour mill in Devon, UK.

I dragged all the boxes of fibre I have from the wool room and spend a lovely day sorting them and making rolls:

I tried making rolls directly on my blending board but I found out I do better when I first card a batt on my carder. Then I put it onto the blending board in bits and make it into a roll using two dowels.

It is such fun to do!
I couldn’t stop and made some rolls for me too:

Merino, silk, glitter and bits of mustard coloured textured silk.

Previously I found out that I don’t particular like to spin from batts -fibre flying everywhere- but rolled into rolls I quite like it! On a spindle that is, spinning rolls on a spinning wheel is not my cup of tea, I prefer rollags or roving.

Can’t wait to play with these:

Because I so like the subtle colours in the rolls from Sasssefras I showed yesterday I tried my hand at a batt (and rolls) in warm greys in some of the high end fibres for me too.
Here’s a soft, soft cloud of Silk, Baby Camel and Merino. It’s so soft you can barely feel it! I still have to make it into rolls but I wonder very much how it spins up on my Turkish spindle.

I put little streaks of lilac in it, to mimic the magic Sasssefras made.


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