Weird Wool Wednesday: I’m blaming you

That’s right, blogreader. Now you’ve gone and done it!
Look at where you’re making me spend today:

In a rustic corner of my antique house, surrounded by wool and exquisite lighting. How dare you.

You made me want to knit this little tunicdress in that green handspun. Badly!

Remember this? You liked it. You did!
Now I’ve been obsessing about it for months and I really want to wear it at the Countryfair in June where the owner of the sheep will be. The Clun Forest I went on and on about in the Tour de Fleece.
But I still can’t knit! I’m looking for alternative ways left and right, curling my little brain in all kinds of Brioche.

So I swapped favours with my friend Pauli -the one who made the chicken clutch!– and she’s going to knit it. She needs the yarn by next Saturday and she may be able to finish it before the fair!

But the commercial pattern we were looking at is not exactly what I want it to be.
So now I’m spending hours and hours writing my own pattern.

I’m knitting in my head! In exquisite surroundings! With tea and chocolate nearby!
I’m so telling on you.

PS. this is where I’ll be forced to drink said tea:

There’s even a rose in bloom outside I’ll have to look at. Sigh!


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