Last day in the city

Today I spend the last day in the city, tomorrow I return to the cabin.
What a day it was!

I finished writing the pattern and send it off with the handspun wool to Pauli. With some dark city chocolate! And a free form handcut sheep letter.

It was particularly enjoyable for me to get the job well done, to give attention to details and to make a nice parcel for Pauli to open.
(I hope the pattern is clear enough and there are not too many glaring mistakes)

Then at night I got out The Good Tools and drilled a hole in two pieces of oak I had brought with me from the forest:

(that’s one of my wood knives. Just a cheap knive from a big store in Norway but it’s a good knive.)

I snapped off the top of a shawl pin I had carved earlier but was too fragile to wear. What do you know, it’s an exact fit for the hole I drilled:

She spins!

She spins like mad!

I made a spindle… A well balanced, small, solid oak spindle! I’m so chuffed!
It weighs 11 grams, it’s flyers span 7 cm and the shaft is 10 cm.

What a good, productive day! I really enjoyed it.

I even went to the market and ate Maatjesharing, a semi-raw herring. You know of this Dutch tradition?
It’s herring without the head or intestines and it has stewed for a few days in its own pancreas enzymes and brine so it’s really mushy and slimey and salty.

This is the proper way to eat it:

It’s a treat!

I just found page 1 of the pattern under the cat, I’ve forgotten to put it in the parcel to Pauli.


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