Blocking Fancy Gauntlets

I’m keeping my promise.

pattern Fancy Gauntlets by Nanika Bayliss.
These beauties were knit by Kerstballetje in Wollmeise twin Hortensie. On needles 2,5 mm.

Wollmeise is a nice round yarn, excellent for featured stitches such as cables. It comes in 150 grams skeins and although it’s handdyed, it has a very high standard of colouring.
The yarn can be a bit splitty meaning you poke the needle into the yarn instead of under it. This is because it’s a yarn with multiple strands. A slightly altered hand of knitting will fix it (glide your needle along the other one instead of poking at the yarn).

It’s such a beautiful day today!

This is taken from where the Gauntlets lie, under the red Beech. Just as I was standing at the veranda a red squirrel jumped out of the beech and ran to another tree. It ran up the tree and back into the red Beech.
A red squirrel! A new one! 🙂
(maybe I still like orange, when it’s squirrel like)


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