You wanna know? Do you?

You wanna know how much yarn was left from my legwarmers? Do you?

This much:

What’s that, 70 cm? I’m thinking of using this leftover for wrapping presents for knitters.

What’s that? You wanna know what’s scribbled on the notepad, do you?

It’s a recipe for waffles. Making waffles was on my to-do list today. Some things are worth planning.
But I didn’t follow it.
I made Lumpy Improvised Still Very Good Waffles instead. With cinneamon and apple. And rich cream full fat butter. And organic Jersey milk. It was indeed Very Good!

Not so good: eating little pieces of escaped waffle from the countertop where you’ve just been dying wool. I think I’m green on the inside now…

But back to the picture at the top!
So you noticed that little bit of blue picot knitting and wanna know what that is? You do?

It’s wristwarmers:

The pattern is Fancy Gauntlets and these beauties were knit for me by Kerstballetje. I promised to block them as it would smooth out the knitting even more. But the truth is I’ve been wearing them pretty much all the time and I adore them as they are.

But I’ll go block them as soon as I finish this post, I promise, Kerstballetje! Sorry I showed your work before it was properly finished. But these people, they just really, really wanted to know.

These Gauntlets fit my itty bitty wrists perfect. And then a clever construction to give room to the thumb and my broad hand: a gusset

Knitted in Wollmeise Hortensie. Lovely blue, lovely pattern! And knitted with much love, by Kerstballetje.


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