looking at patterns for new yarn

I’ve got two new additions to the stash that have got me smiling from ear to ear for days now.

A Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball in the colours Durch die Blumen

“Durch die Blumen” means “Through the Flowers” in German.(Zauberball = Magicball)

All kinds of green and pink, I love it so much!
I won it in the Karma Lottery Swap which I had never won before and it happened at a really fortunate time because I was struggling and it picked me up and made me smile again. I’ve been thinking about this yarn and petting it ever since.

It’s a single so I don’t think I’ll use it for socks (although it’s designed for that and has nylon in it so socks would be fine).
It’s not supersoft ánd I want to see these colours all the time while I wear them so I won’t chose a project around my face for it, I think…

but then this pattern shows up and it is made for this yarn (!) and I love it:

pattern: Tulips in the Snow by Ilga Leja

So nothing is decided yet.
I faved some in other my Ravelry Favorites in this yarn (but I won’t show the pictures here as these are peoples own photo’s of their own projects).

It’s striping wonder yarn in broad stripes and wound just so you can make two projects with the same colour repeat. Therefore, knitting from both ends of the ball will allow great fun with smaller stripes, stranded knitting, double knitting or Brioche!

I love to think about yarn like this. Trying to find pointers, opportunities, possibilities. I’ve been “head knitting” with this ball for many hours now.

The other new yarn is this handspun:

Merino with Bamboo, spun by a friend whom I went to see the other day.
I drove over there all by myself, on a bad day (health wise), feeling free and empowered in my yarn car.

We had a lovely time! She and her family are so nice. Her children educated me on apps for drawing elves and on spirographs. And then they gave me hand drawings!


Their mum let me try out her spindles which made me an instant spindle snob. She let me touch the Nunoco batt she was spinning –they are all the rage at the moment– and it was soft beyond believe.
And then she gave this yarn to me!

That’s one caring, lovely family.

It’s a sports weight and also self striping (navajo plied) and it wants to be a hat.

Perhaps Dual Cable Hat by Marlaina Bird:

This looks nice in a smaller yarn and I could work the cables from both ends of the ball which will give colour contrast (but not too much).

Or maybe it wants to be Frileuse by Oxhy Dryle

Start with the back, in the round. Let the points of the star grow into cables. I could adjust it to my smaller weight yarn, I could make as many as 16 points on the star.
And something to keep the neck warm. Perfect pattern and in my queue for a long time.

I especially like this one, in striping yarn. It’s been in my favourites for a long time too.

Or I could make something up myself. Something with a long point. A Brioche brim. Long earflaps that can be folded around the neck. Perhaps have a little pocket in them.

Again, many hours of “head knitting”.

There’s an app for this, don’tchaknow?


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