too lazy to do the work

I carded the white parts from the Hollands Bont Schaap. There’s only two batts, one 50 grams, one 65 grams.
Before commencing carding the brown bits I ought to clean the carder. Otherwise the white residue will taint the brown. Which is not a big problem but I would like to keep the option open of knitting this in Pop Blanket Blocks. So it needs to be all white or all brown.

I was too lazy to clean the carder. Instead I went looking if I had any more white wool that would benefit from carding.

I couldn’t believe my luck!

More Hampshire Down fleece!!!
The same one I dyed green the other day. Lots and lots of it!

I’ve misplaced this fleece months ago and pined for it ever since. Hampshire Down is soft, short fibred, ideal for Long Draw spinning. And this fleece has been washed and soured properly!

I’m putting it through the carder twice because it will get rid of all the bits of grass and bug that are still present. Then I can make it into lofty rolags.

I’ve already carded two batts by now (one 45 grams, one 40 grams)(this fleece is loftier than Hollands Bont)
And I’ve put them to my face, these batts. Buried my nose in it. They are so soft!
You can breathe comfortably while wearing it on your face.

hmm, I see possibilities! No need for rolags. No need for spinning. Just wear the batts on your face.

But first a little Tea and Knitting on the Couch.


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