Knitting well on Frileuse Hat.

45 seconds later:

It was a tad to tight (I won’t wear it with pleasure if it’s too tight)
I didn’t like the big Yarn Overs at the back (my hair will show through and the leafs of the flower were not well defined)
I made a counting mistake so three of the stockinette stitches differed in width to the other ones. Minor detail but as long as I’m ripping I might as well adjust it.

I’ve thought up another rythm for the hat and the cables. I’ll insert a small cable into the section. Make the purl sections smaller so the cables are more pronounced.
Increase the overall stitch count a bit.

I’m really enjoying this knit. Even if there’s not much left of it at the moment.
It’ll be a great hat!

45 seconds after I posted this blogpost:

because it had some weird bobbles going on. And this really is going to be a great hat.


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