Spinning colours with a plan

I spun up the first 100 grams of the Happy Go Lucky skein.

Really great colours in this single! The silk adds so much to it.
This single will result in a yarn that has broad stripes when knitted up.

I know I said I was going to spin these two rovings without a plan
but looking at the two rovings I noticed they have colour repeats of about the same length.

Here’s the second roving on the table, behind the last meter of the first.

Were I to spin the second roving without a plan it would end up like the first one, because that’s how I spin when I just spin, changing colour in sync with the first one because their colour repeats are about the same length.

Even though the colours of these two skeins will look great when they are plied, no matter which colour marries to which other colour, I am having serious doubts…

It will be a yarn that gives a striped knitwear. Not something I particularly want now that I’m already knitting a striping hat (Frileuse) and something stripey with Zauberball Durch die Blumen.

Also, these stripes will often be barber pole yarn. It won’t be that the blue from one bobbin will meet the blue from the other. It will meet the rust. Or the purple. Either way the colours will lose their vibranty and be toned down.
I’m not sure I like that… I love these colours….Might give interesting results though, I might get surprised…
(I hate surprises, even good ones)

Besides that: barber pole yarns give heathered coloured knitwear (all splashy and sploshy coloured). I don’t care much for that. I like my knitwear to be more even coloured. Semi solid.

But then, I might get surprised. I won’t know until I make it. It may be interesting. The silk may boost it to unexpected beauty.
But I hesitate.
I don’t like to give over control. Not when I can predict the outcome a bit and it’s not all good.

pic by Galja Pletikapic

But I díd say I was going to spin without a plan. Just go for it! Be free! I would like to experience that, just go where the wool takes me.
There’s something to be said for that. To just take the leap. Have fun! Don’t worry!

Ay, there’s the thing. I’ll be worrying all through the spinning of the second roving.
What to doooooo?

To help decide I did some swatching.
I split the second roving into multiple thinner strands and spun a few. This will be a single with shorter repeats. Resulting in a plied yarn that has long stripes from the first single and each stripe with rotating colours from the second.
That’s “fractal spinning” I believe.

At least some of the shorter colours will be the same as the long coloured single.
Do I want this?
Or do I want to take the leap, be a bit miserable all through the second skein and then get a surprise during plying?
Taking a leap is not always pleasurable while leaping, yeah? There’s pleasure after the leap, because you leaped. Yeah?


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